Swim, Bike, Run, Surf… and Do Pilates


Kerstyn Pocklington moved to Grand Rapids in 2013 and had spent the previous 5 years taking classes at a Pilates studio in Newport Beach, CA. She fell in love with the workout after college when she was looking for a way to strength train, stay active and to find something to compliment her other activities. As a collegiate volleyball player, she was used to challenging workouts, but Pilates brought her game to a whole new level. The challenge of being on a piece of equipment (Reformer) made her time at the studio more effective and efficient.

Kerstyn got into triathlons as well as surfing after college and felt that Pilates helped both of these hobbies. “After a few months of Pilates on the Reformer, my core was stronger than ever. It helped me swim faster, run longer and bike harder. In surfing, Pilates helped with balance as well as paddling and pop-up strength.” She completed a Half Ironman in 2013 and hopes to get another one on the calendar in the near future.

Kerstyn loves to live an active life and after moving to Grand  Rapids, made the career switch from High School Counselor to Pilates Instructor. “I’m thankful that my career still includes getting to help people. I love when my clients text or email a couple days after class to let me know they are feeling stronger, happier, more confident. There is nothing more rewarding.”

Kerstyn’s clients know that when they show up to class, she will make them work hard. “I always tell my clients that my number one goal is their safety. My number two goal for them is to get out of their comfort zone. And thirdly, I want each client to remember me the next day when they feel muscles they didn’t know they had.”

One of Kerstyn’s clients, Amy had the following to say about her time in class. “I’ve been attending Kerstyn’s classes at Pilates in Ada for over a year and a half and she is absolutely incredible. I look forward to, and very much enjoy her classes but, more importantly, I am much stronger and healthier as a result of them.  She is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. I’ve discovered muscles I never knew I had! Pilates has transformed my health and my overall well being. Give it a shot!”

Michelle is another regular in Kerstyn’s classes who started out by attending the 6:00AM classes.  “The minute I met Kerstyn I absolutely fell in love with her. Relocating to Michigan was challenging for me personally in terms of establishing a life, outside of work, that I could enjoy.

Kerstyn’s classes are something I look forward to as they challenge me mentally and physically each and every time.Her passion, commitment, experience to support and understand her clients is awesome –everyone is able to participate and enjoy class.It is because of her that I continue to sign up for more sessions. She, in one word, is amazing. Everyone should have a Kerstyn in their life.”

Kerstyn completed her training through Balanced Body and has been teaching locally for 5 years. “I get to work with the best group of women and have the most peaceful ‘office’! Pilates in Ada and East are truly top notch and I’m so thankful that this is what I get to spend my days doing!”

Kerstyn also teaches spin classes at a local gym and runs her own independent College Counseling business.  When Kerstyn isn’t teaching at Pilates in Ada or Pilates in East, she can be found exploring the city with her husband and their 7, 4 and almost 2 year old. Check out her schedule here.



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