Teacher Training Inspires Yet Another – More Courses Starting Soon!

Ava BlogWe are all born with an intrinsic set of motivators – those reasons we get out of bed to do what we do. For some people, they are motivated to pound the pavement and make big money. For others, they are passionate about making changes in the world. For Ava Jarzabkowski, one of Pilates in East and Pilates in Ada’s newest apprentice instructors, that motivator is to help others through movement exercises that create harmony within the mind and body. Ava was drawn to the studio back in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. When asked why she chose to pursue the instructor training courses, Ava said, “After meeting with Ahmé [Bovée] and trying out a few classes at the studio, I knew that I would receive the best quality education and jumped on the opportunity!”

The Pilates Instructor training through Balanced Body is thorough and takes time if pursuing the comprehensive certification, and for many instructors, it’s often hard to pick a favorite course. All courses are held over the weekend at one of our peaceful studios in East Grand Rapids, MI or Ada, MI. “I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses that I have taken. If I had to choose, two of my favorites would be trapeze table and reformer training.  I appreciate that both can be as challenging as you want, yet supportive at the same time.”

Not all who take these courses have the end goal of teaching Pilates in mind. Some study to deepen their own experience and personal workouts. Regardless of why, everyone leaves with a broadened knowledge of movement. For Ava, she said, “The best part of my experience has been expanding my knowledge of anatomy and being able to apply more in depth movement concepts while teaching.”

Ava is continuing on her Pilates educational journey. With the help of Ahmé Bovée, master instructor for Balanced Body, Ava has received so much support in pursuing her goals. “Ahme has been extremely gracious with her time and studio throughout this process.  She has offered several hours of her time at the studio so that we can log personal hours, observe and teach others. It truly has been a gift learning from her.”

Ava’s advice to those considering a weekend of Pilates Instructor Training: “Go for it!! Have confidence in yourself and the opportunity that you have to share Pilates with the world.”

Mat I begins May 5th – these courses fill up fast so grab your spot soon! If you have any interest (or know someone who might be curious) in upcoming teacher training courses, explore more here.


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