Dive into a Pilates Teacher Training Course This Year!


To find a job that allows one to constantly be learning, one in which you get to help individuals, a job that requires you to show up to a spa-like environment upon arriving to work, and a job that allows you to work with amazing and dynamic team members sounds like a dream. And maybe even a little far fetched. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s completely possible!

As a Pilates instructor, we get to help individuals – to find a freedom of movement and mobility that is strengthening and empowering. As instructors, we are in the business of helping and challenging our clients to become the best possible versions of themselves. Here in West Michigan, we have our own little gem. Our instructor training is offered in-house at Pilates in East with our very own Ahmé Bovée. While most people interested in a career in Pilates need to travel a distance to find a studio that offers teacher training, here in Grand Rapids, Ahmé is a Master Trainer through Balanced Body. She is responsible for helping launch so many on their paths to becoming Pilates instructors.

Katy Werpin is one of those ladies who decided to begin her instructor training with Ahmé. When asked what it was that made her start her journey to become an instructor, Katy said, “The moment I decided I wanted to be a Pilates instructor, was during my very first Pilates reformer class. I was so inspired and impressed by how the instructor made me more aware of my body. That was in 2013. In 2015, I honestly couldn’t stand my day job any longer- so I took a leap of faith and  finally bought the course work to begin my journey!”

Her favorite course to date has been the Reformer 2 course with Ahmé. “So far, the Reformer 2 course has been my favorite. Mostly because the reformer jump board is introduced which offers more fun moves to teach in classes.” (And if you haven’t gotten to experience jump board yet, run to the nearest Pilates studio! It’s so fun and so effective!)

When I asked Katy about her favorite part of her instructor journey so far, she said, “I can’t pick one! I have two off the top of my head! The first, is going through this course journey with familiar faces. When you decide to take these courses you typically do a few of them to reach your goal. You soon realize there are a handful of people in these courses that are moving towards a similar goal as you. You’re rooting each other on via social media and text when you’re apart, and even more so when you’re together in class. It’s encouraging to be apart of the Bovée Pilates community. It’s one of the perks of taking class from Ahmé. Secondly, digging up the courage to go after something you love, is exhilarating! I’ve become more confident in who I am as a woman and teacher by finally pursing and taking action on doing what I love.”

Some who are considering taking instructor training are hesitant when they see the amount of hours required to get certified. Katy has found that Ahmé has been so supportive in helping Katy to reach her goals. “Ahme has graciously opened her studio at least once per week to do self-practice or practice teaching. Getting to those time slots were the first practice hours I logged. From there, I started offering my friends free sessions on the reformer at the studio and in no time I logged in my hours. I also pursued teaching group Mat Pilates and Barre classes at smaller studios in the area. This gave me experience teaching in a group setting.”

Katy hopes to someday own her own studio or teach out of her home and is planning on completing her Comprehensive Pilates Certification in March 2018. She is hoping to specialize in pre/post natal Fitness.

When asked for advice to anyone who might be on the fence about diving in and taking their first course, she said, “I’ll give you the advice my close friend said when I was on the fence: Just do it! Buy the course. You’ll never know if this door is yours to open if you don’t try to open it.”

The great thing about the instructor training is that you meet people from all walks of life – some are taking the courses with the hopes of becoming an instructor, some are current clients who want to learn more about the Pilates principles and movement that has helped them so much and other students are simply curious about this exercise and looking for more knowledge and personal growth.

Ahmé will be offering a Mat 1 course the first week in February at Pilates in East. If interested, see details here. There are only a few spots left, but if you have any interest in joining Ahmé for a fun weekend of learning, reserve your spot today!

Group Pilates IMG_9335

A few of the passionate instructors with Pilates in East, Pilates in Ada, Pilates in Holland and Pilates in Kalamazoo. 


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