Lisa Buth – Pilates Passion turns into a Career


In speaking with instructor, Lisa Buth, it takes about .3 seconds to pick up on her passion for Pilates.

Back in 2007, Lisa was looking to mix up her fitness routine with her friend Nancy Peterson. Ahmé Bovée has just opened Pilates in East, so the two friends gave Pilates a try. As Lisa says, “The rest is history!” The two friends both fell in love with the workout. Lisa decided that she not only wanted to DO Pilates, but that she wanted to teach this form of exercise to others. Lisa began her teacher training and has been a dynamite in the studio ever since.

Juggling motherhood (Lisa has 4 grown children), her own athletic endeavors, teaching Pilates and family life has been a wonderful challenge. Lisa has loved the benefits of Pilates in her own life as well as seeing it in her clients’ lives. “My favorite benefit of doing Pilates is the core strength and overall toning that translates to everyday life. It’s like an insurance policy for a better, more balanced you. I love being a cheerleader for Pilates.  When I teach, my personal goal is to leave my clients feeling physically better than before, and have them enjoy their time with me.”

Pilates isn’t Lisa’s only form of exercise these days. “I swim, bike and run on a fairly regular basis. During the winter months I do more indoor training, but once the weather gets better, I try and be outside. I have started to enjoy  sprint triathlons over the past few years,   and try to do a few each summer. I’ve taken up pickle ball too. What a fun game… it’s addictive.”

If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with Lisa in the studio, find her on the schedule here. Her classes fill up quickly, so hustle on in! We are so fortunate to have Lisa on the team at Pilates in East and Pilates in Ada!


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