Ahmé Bovée: Instructor of the Month


More than likely, if you have taken a Pilates class at Pilates in East in Grand Rapids area, you have heard the name, Ahmé Bovée. And if you have ever had the chance to take one of Ahmé’s classes, you know why the students she teaches get hooked immediately on Pilates. Her calming, soothing voice is perfectly contradictory to the intense and effective workouts she composes for her students and clients. Ahmé has the ability to fine-tune an exercise through the use of descriptive words, attention to the fine details and an acute awareness of her clients’ movements.

Ahmé attended her first Pilates class with her mother, who is a Naturopathic Doctor that has always been ahead of her time. Because of the instructor’s transformative words and descriptors used in that private session, Ahmé fell quickly in love with the workout! Ahmé went on to get her original (the first of many) certification from Body Harmonics in Toronto Canada. She credits her two original mentors, Susan Greskevitch and Margot McKinnon, as individuals who were exceptional teachers.

Pilates is often credited as a Mind-Body activity and Ahmé agrees with this description. “Pilates helps me find my center not only physically, but mentally too. It is a form of moving meditation that brings me into sync with my physical being. Physically it makes me feel strong and integrated from head to toe but without making me feel strain or stress. Mentally and physically I feel empowered,” states Ahmé.

Along with starting and running two thriving Pilates studios over the past two decades, she is a Balanced Body University Master Instructor and offers comprehensive teaching training at Pilates in East. Those who have had Ahmé as an instructor for Teacher Training can’t help but be affected positively by Ahmé’s passion for Pilates, movement, anatomy and helping others live the healthiest life possible.

One of the many aspects of being an instructor that Ahmé loves is witnessing the moment someone has an “ah-ha.” When she gets to see the joy and excitement in a client’s eyes, when movement feels good again and her clients tap into their true strength, power and freedom – this is what keeps Ahmé going as an instructor.

Prior to becoming trained as a Pilates instructor, Ahmé taught aerobics at the YMCA, although she says that “hamstring curls, step aerobics and boxercise are a distant memory these days.”

When Ahmé isn’t busy handling both the teaching and the business side of the studio, you can find her running on the local nature trails with her dog, Thomas, a regal miniature schnauzer.

Ahmé offers some advice to someone who is considering trying out a Pilates or a Barre class.

  • Find an instructor you really love and connect to. Everyone likes a different style and that’s ok. Find someone who makes you feel comfortable, curious and inspired.
  • Give it some time, the detail sometimes takes a while to sink in.
  • Be open minded and curious. Don’t assume you already know a certain move just because you have done it before. Pilates is about going deeper and discovering new hidden potential.
  • Try a Private lesson. Even if you want to take group classes most of the time a few private sessions with one of our expert instructors could unleash a new discovery that changes how you do things in class and in life for years to come.

We can’t wait to have you experience one of Ahmé’s classes. Check out her teaching schedule here.


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