Turn Your Pilates Passion into a Profession

reformer-new-1When I stumbled upon my first Pilates class in 2007, never would I have expected that this newfound passion had the potential to turn into a career! With the instructor leading the class through so many intricate moves and using a wide variety of anatomical cues, becoming an instructor was far from the realm of possibilities in my thought. That is until I met Ahmé at Pilates in East. I met Ahmé when I moved to Grand Rapids and had this little twinge in my heart that kept suggesting that I inquire about someday teaching Pilates.

Becoming an instructor was one of my best decisions to date and I am beyond grateful that I now get paid to help people feel stronger, longer, leaner and more dominion in their lives. I’ve been pushed to become a better presenter, to be more articulate and have become physically stronger. It has been an amazing way to connect with others in the community and to add another skill to my athletic repertoire. Other instructors at Pilates in East also share this same passion of helping people. Whether it is helping their clients work towards a fitness goal, overcoming an injury, preparing for the delivery of a child or building up strength post-partum, the benefits and joys of teaching Pilates and Barre are endless.

Pilates in East is set to expand in 2017 and with that expansion, they will be looking to add passionate and knowledgeable instructors to their already stellar team. They offer a limited number of “apprentice” opportunities. (Contact Ahmé for more information regarding this opportunity). If there has ever been a spark of interest in your mind in regards to becoming an instructor, there is an Anatomy course being offered this month (September) and Mat 1 in October. As the days grow shorter and chillier here in Grand Rapids, this is a great (and fun) way to spend a weekend and to explore the start to a new career.

When I moved to Grand Rapids three years ago, I was pleased to learn that I didn’t have to travel far to pursue my dream of becoming an instructor. As the only training center in West Michigan, I was able to begin a career as a Pilates instructor in my own backyard. This was the best find yet in GR! After completing the Mat 1 and 2 courses, my Pilates addiction grew and I continued on with the Reformer courses. The classes are fun and informative; the studio is beautiful, peaceful and inspiring; and Ahmé knows her stuff!

Ahmé is a Master Training from Balanced Body (www.pilates.com) spending the past 12 years training instructors all over the region. She is known for her ability to explain complex anatomy and biomechanical concepts in an easy to understand and entertaining way. The courses span an entire weekend and personally, I find myself wanting more after the end of each training weekend!

Balanced Body is the industry leading Teacher Training and Equipment manufacturer worldwide and is celebrating its 40th year. The company’s commitment to quality, safety and the highest standards is outstanding!

If you are at all on the fence about learning more about this opportunity, below are a few links to provide more information. As always, feel free to reach out to Pilates in East directly for more specific questions.

Exciting things are in the works and we can’t wait to see how the team expands!


UPCOMING COURSES: http://www.pilatesineast.com/upcomingcourses

ABOUT Ahmé: http://www.pilatesineast.com/aboutahme

PILATES IN EAST: info@pilatesineast.com


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