Spice Up Your Post-Workout Smoothie!

Here in West Michigan, summer is in full swing. Some locals are soaking in the heat – others are hunkering down in the AC and counting down the days until fall. Regardless of which category you fall under, nothing says summer like grilling, s’moores and of course, cool drinks/smoothies.

One of my personal favorite ways to refuel after a workout is to toss handfuls of fruit, vegetables and juices into a blender. Ahmé, studio director and Master Trainer at Pilates in East is also a fellow smoothie fanatic. She shared with me a great way to add a little extra healthy kick to my current smoothie recipes. Here is what Ahmé had to say about her smoothie additions:

“For several years I have loved making green smoothies especially in the summer months.  I almost always include a tablespoon of chia, flax or hemp seeds in my smoothie recipes for the nutritional value.  Recently I have come across a great product at Harvest Health “Superseed Blend” by Nutiva.  You can put a spoonful in your smoothie, on cereal, oatmeal or yogurt.  It tastes a bit sweet and nutty. It contains flax, chia, hempseed and coconut; 200 mg Omega-3; 3g fiber and 3b protein. It is vegan and organic.”

How’s that for giving your smoothie’s a little kick! After your next “Tone and Tighten” or Reformer class at Pilates in East, toss a spoonful of Superseed Blend into your blender with the rest of your favorite ingredients and enjoy!

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Ahmé, studio director and Master Trainer at Pilates in East

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